Hot Springs The 1,300-year-old hot spring water gentle to the skin, favored by one of the most famous haiku poets in the 17th century, Matsuo Basho, makes you relaxed in an outdoor and an indoor public baths, 3 types of private baths and a foot bath.

SHIRASAGI-NO-YU (Public Baths)

At SHIRASAGI-NO-YU, enjoy an open-air bath tub with a shed-like roof just along the river and indoor baths. For ladies, towel wears are provided to cover the body in the outdoor bath tub. Have a relaxing time, listening to the music of the stream and healing the skin with the hot spring water.

Open-air bath, indoor bath and sauna bath

13:00-01:00 (For ladies)
01:30-11:00 (For men)

KIKU-NO-YU (Public Baths)

At KIKU-NO-YU, you can bathe in a half-open-air whirlpool bathtub, take an indoor bath with a greenery view and also a sauna bath.

Open-air bath, indoor bath and sauna bath

13:00-01:00 (For men)
01:30-11:00 (For ladies)

Private Baths

There are 3 types of bath tubs - Hinoki cypress, rocks and stone (accessible type), each equipped with towels and other bathing amenities.
※Reservation required at the front desk on that day

Foot Bath

An indoor foot bath tub next to the lobby lounge can be used 24 hours. Spend time with the scenery of green leaves and pleasant talks.

Features of our hot spring water

Name: Yamanaka Onsen (No. 3, 7, 8, 10, 11 mixed spring)

Water Contents: Calcium, Sodium sulfate salt spring(hypotonic, weak alkaline, high temperature source water)

Neuralgia, Muscle pain, Joint pain, Frozen shoulder, Paralysis, Stiff joint, Bruise,
Sprain, Chronic digestive disorder, Hemorrhoid, Poor blood circulation, Convalescent,
Health promotion, Arterial sclerosis, Cut, Burnt skin, Chronic skin disease, Fatigue recovery

Relaxing salon

Make yourself comfortable after bathing and enjoy some snacks.
*Tokoroten (Japanese seaweed jelly noodles with vinegar or brown sugar syrup) 6:00-9:00
*A Glass of Beer and Berobero (Local snack, side dish made from agar) 16:00-18:00
*Cold water available all day